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Account Positioning

Naming Conventions

  • Use Cornell or Cornell University when naming your accounts and handle.
    If your department or unit name is too long to use in full form, abbreviate only when necessary. When possible, keep your handle and account name consistent across social media platforms. If your name or handle is an acronym, utilize your bio section to list your unit's full title. For additional resources, refer to the Brand Center's nomenclature guidelines.
  • Do not use "CU" or symbols in your account name and handle.  
    This helps to distinguish Cornell from other universities with "CU" as initials. In your handle, also refrain from using dashes, underscores or other symbols.

Avatars and Cover Photos

  • Use a simple image or graphic as your avatar.
    In social media, an avatar gives an account a distinct visual identity. Consider using an iconic image or graphic. If creating a new avatar graphic, abide by Brand colors and fonts. Visit the Design Center for guidelines.
  • Choose an expressive image for your cover.
    Specifically, for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, accounts should have an expressive, high-quality image as their cover. Ideally, this image should connect to your unit's visual vocabulary and the imagery featured on your website, blog or other communications. For iconic Cornell cover photos, visit the Downloads tab.
  • Do not use the Cornell logo in social media avatars.
    Only the university-level (i.e. @Cornell) and Undergraduate Admissions accounts are permitted to use the logo as their social media avatar. For questions on the use of Cornell’s logo, trademarks and insignia, see Policy 4.10.


  • Keep your bio and about information concise and up to date.
    Your bio or about information is key to describing your unit’s mission and affiliation with Cornell. For Instagram and Twitter in particular, the bio is the first thing your audience sees when they visit your profile. Use this space to promote your account’s hashtag or tag @Cornell in the messaging. Make sure this section is complete with accurate contact information and a link to your website.
  • Do not clutter your bio with too many hashtags or links.
    Use only one or two hashtags or account tags in your bio or about messaging. Anything more is hard to consume, especially on mobile devices.